MOT Services

We have invested in updated MOT test equipment which has helped us streamline our MOT testing operation to ensure the fastest possible turn around of vehicles while fully complying with Department of Transport and DVSA testing requirements.

Our facilities enable us to test vehicles in the following classes:

MOT Class 1 (Motorcycles up to 200cc)

Standard MOT Class 1 testing for your Motorcycle up to 200cc.

Price – £29.65

MOT Class 2 (Motorcycles over 200cc)

Standard MOT Class 2 testing for your Motorcycle over  200cc.

Price – £29.65

MOT Class 4 (Cars & Light Vans)

Standard MOT Class 4 testing for your Car or Light Van.

Price – £54.85

MOT Class 7 (Goods Vehicles over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg)

Standard MOT Class 7 testing for your van or goods vehicles.

Price – £58.60

Motorhomes (Up to 6,000kg)

At Town & Country Garage we can MOT larger Motorhomes up to 6,000kg.

Price – £54.85

Horse Boxes (up to 3,500kg)

At Town & Country Garage we have the facilities to test all Horses Boxes weighing up to 3,500kg.

Price – £58.60

HGV Horse Boxes (up to 7,500kg)

We will arrange, prepare and take your horse lorry for it’s HGV test. HGV MOT Tests are carried out by the DVSA at a dedicated test facility by vehicle inspectorate testers.

Motorcycles, Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes…

We MOT Test up to class 7 (3,500kg gvw) here on site, which is the maximum limit before the HGV test applies.

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